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Cotton Candy is the colourful keyboard theme pack make from the real colour and flavoured of spun sugar, cotton candy. The story of Cotton Candy pack comes from a carnival that we've been to before. We get inspiration from a guy who stands behind the cotton candy machine. He made it one by one with any colour and flavoured up to your order. Excited kids waits in line to purchased the delicious spun sugar.

Cotton Candy has over 50+ cute times in one pack. So, you will enjoy typing with any theme in this pack and we are sure you will love it like we do.

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5 reviews for Cotton Candy

  1. user

    i love this one

  2. Shopapp123

  3. สุภาพร วรดิษฐวงษ์

  4. yani

  5. MinnyMrsSmile

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